PageRank and Link Values

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Link Exchange is most effective for search engine ranking. Links from websites outside your industry niche won’t hurt your link building effort; however they don’t provide a good ranking boost contribution since it doesn’t reinforce any relevancy of your keywords. Links have always been essential part to the web. Links have become the currency of the Web. Links can be analysed more accurately and usefully than traffic or pageviews, and have become both measure of success and dispensers of rank. Links are increasingly being used in preference to content indexing, not only in search engines but for instance to identify communities of web sites, or, on a more local scale, to examine social networks and the movement of memes among webloggers.

For the purpose of search engine optimisation, many webmasters trade links with others to increase link popularity. You can trade your links with other websites to hike your website traffic. Up to this point, it has been described how the number of pages and the number of inbound and outbound links, respectively, influence PageRank. Regarding search engine optimisation, it is therefore advisable to concentrate external outbound links on as few pages as possible, as long as it does not lessen a site’s usabilty.


PageRank (PR) is Google rating system of the quality of the website. A basic premise for the positive effects of a link exchange is that both involved pages propagate a similar amount of PageRank to each other. If one of the involved pages has a significantly higher PageRank or fewer outbound links, it is likely that all of its site’s pages lose PageRank. The more pages a web site has, the more PageRank from an inbound link is distributed to other pages of the site, regardless of the number of outbound links on the page that is involved in the link exchange.

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PageRank and Link Values

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This article was published on 2011/01/09