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Facebook is one the massive advertising platform from where you can generate lot of business
as well. You too can grow your business if your fan page designed in a professional manner
precisely depicting your business services and products. You should be well aware of using
facebook layouts and backgrounds for your profile. Although, it is very easy to apply any kind

layout or background but it should be creative enough to attract the visitors.

You can also find pre made layouts and backgrounds by searching over internet but they are
not as per according to your interest and requirements. One should design facebook fan page
according to his business interest and maintain the quality and standard. You should also

face apps to make it more attractive, so the visitors keep engaging with your profile. Make it

appealing that visitors visit the page with utmost attention.

Designing an attractive and professional fan page is not so simple; it requires lot of efforts
and focus to be done in a right way. The first and foremost thing is that the design of the page
should be clear in your mind, not require to actually draw it, although it will help for better
understanding of design. The purpose of creating a fan page should be clear and the design
should be flexible, so that last minute modifications may possible.

The pictures of your products should be clearly displayed and the title of your business should
be specifically designed to attract customers. Ideal size for the images to be displayed should

around 200 X 4 00 pixel large and don"t use excessive images. The rest of the page should be
informational about products, clearly defined your contact information, features of your

as well as your business achievements.

If you do have bit of HTML knowledge and can use facebook applications, this will be an
additional advantage. There is some coding in Facebook which can be edited with HTML
language. Also, you can connect yourself with other social networking sites using facebook

Facebook fan page representing your business in a more professional way and it is available for
whole of the world. It is therefore, it should be designed carefully.
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Facebook Fan Page Design

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This article was published on 2010/10/11