Creating Your First Squeeze Page

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When you're first getting started with any type of online business, a squeeze page is an absolute must to build a long term successful internet business.  If you're completely new to internet business a squeeze page can actually seem quite daunting at first. There seems to be so many things you need to learn, it can be difficult to see how they all fit together.  There are three important aspects that go with any squeeze page you create.

These include:

1. Attention Grabbing Headline. The first thing everyone see's when they visit your website is the headline. The headline will make or break your page. If the headline fails to arouse enough curiosity in the reader to keep them glued to the page, you have no hope of capturing a lead. Because at the end of the day, lead generation is the name of the game.

2. Benefit driven bullet points. This can be any number of benefits you like, but generally somewhere between 3 to 6 is a good rule of thumb. Your bullet points should be focused towards "What's in it for me?" Explain to your visitor the benefits they can expect to receive by signing up to your newsletter or ezine. If you're providing a free report, this is where you could mention the report you have available or what's included in it.

3. Call to action asking for visitors first name and email address. Last but not least is the call to action. Tell your visitor exactly what they need do to sign up to your newsletter. If you just ask for a first name and email address you'll find your conversion rates are much better than if you ask for more information. But think about what you're tying to achieve. Do you really need their phone number or home address for example? If not, better to stick with the basics.

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Creating Your First Squeeze Page

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This article was published on 2010/03/26